Using 2 Step / Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication adds a further layer of security to your Magento backend. If 2-factor authentication has been enabled on your admin system, you will need to follow the below steps in order to login in to your admin account pass this second layer of security. 

 Logging in for the 1st time

1) Download one of the below FreeOTP Authenticator extensions:


From the App Store (iphone users):


From Google Play Store (Android users):


2) Once the download has complete, open the app and click the QR code button (resembles a barcode).

3) On the Magento admin login page, enter your Username & Password (as they were), and click Continue. At this stage you should then be presented with a scannable QR code. 

4) Open your OTP app, click on the QR code icon to the top right of the app and scan the QR code presented on the Magento admin page. 

5) You should then receive confirmation if the code has been successfully recognised, and you should notice that your websites admin then becomes listed within the app (see below)


6) Once your websites admin has been listed in its own box on the app (if this hasn't been successfully done, please try repeating Steps 3 - 5 again), you should then be able to click on the box within the app to generate a one-time limited use code. 

7) Enter the code on the admin page to complete the login form and click Login.


Resetting your Admin Password

It is worth noting, that in the instance that you need to reset your password (using the Forgot your Password? link), you may to need delete the login account on your OTP Authenticator app and recreate it (by rescanning the QR code) to be able to login.



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