Exporting a Unique Single Use Coupon Code

Coupon codes can be used to apply a discount to your order when a specific set of conditions are met within your shopping basket. These codes can be used for a specific customer group, during a set time period, or for any customer that meets the conditions set out. A coupon code can have unlimited uses, or can be restricted to one use per customer, or even one use in total. A single use coupon code provides you with the opportunity to give either members of your site, new subscribers, or anyone who visits your site to benefit from a one time, unique to them discount or gift. Exporting single use coupon codes allows you to archive them, keep track of which have and have not been used, and in a general sense, have your own hard copy of codes to reference when needed.

How To Create and Export Unique Single Use Coupon Code

1. Navigate to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules + Click "Add New Rule"

2. Complete the General Information section of the New Shopping Cart Price Rule. Ensuring that the coupon tab is selected to "Specific Coupon", the box "Use Auto Generation" is checked, and "Uses Per Coupon" is set to 1.

3. Click "Save and Continue". A new tab will now show on the left hand side titled "Manage Coupon Codes". Select this tab.



4. Complete the Coupons Information section.

  • Coupon Qty - the amount of single use coupon codes you want to generate
  • Code Length - the character length that the coupon codes generated will be
  • Code format - choose between Alphanumeric, Alphabetical, and or Numeric
  • Code Prefix - not a required field
  • Code Suffix - not a required field
  • Dash Every X Characters - not a required field

5. Click "Generate" after filling out all necessary Coupons Information. This will generate the list of single use coupon codes.

6. To export this list of coupon codes, click on the export button located at the top of of the newly generated list of codes. There are two different files that are available to export the list to. Either "CSV' and or "Excel XML".

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