Running Multiple Promotions Simultaneously: Important Considerations

Running promotions is a great way to attract new customers to your site, reward loyalty and boost conversions. There are however, important considerations when setting up multiple promotions to run simultaneously on Magento. 


  • Stop Further Rules Processing - Stop Further Rules Processing within a promotion rule is a great option to take advantage of to prevent multiple price rules from being applied at once / being stacked on top of each other. If a customer meets the conditions of multiple price rules at once, setting this to Yes will ensure only the rule with the highest priority is applied. An important note here is that Catalog Price Rules and Shopping Cart Price rules CANNOT be made exclusive of each other (Stop Further Rules from Processing will be honored only if the promotion type is the same).


  • Priorities - Set your priorities from 0-100 (lower the number = higher the priority) to tell Magento in what order you want your rules to be applied. Typically, your priorities should be set in order of the value to customers. Keep in mind Catalog Price Rules and Shopping Cart Price rules are exclusive; priorities are only honored within the same promotion type. 


  • Start From and To dates - Setting your Start From and To dates are a great way to schedule in multiple promotions to start at once, or ensuring multiple rules don't coincide. Interpret these dates as:
    • From: First day of the promotion
    • To: Last day of the promotion


  • Coupon Codes - Keep in mind only 1 coupon code can be applied to the cart at any one time (they cannot be stacked on top of each other). 


  • Free Items - Free gift promotions all work slightly differently. Some allow for multiple gifts to be added to the cart at once, while others only allow for one to be added at a time so is important to confirm the functionality before setting up this type of promotion.


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