How to Create a Shopping Cart Price Rule for Free Shipping

While Shopping Cart Price Rules can be used to provide a discount to individual products or the whole cart at the shopping cart level, it can also be used to offer Free Shipping when particular conditions have been met.

Note:  Setting up a Shopping Cart Price Rule to offer free shipping is designed to use the 'Free Shipping' method (via System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods), so will not discount any shipping methods offered by any external shipping modules.


To set up a Shopping Cart Price Rule for Free Shipping

  1. In Magento admin, navigate to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules and click + Add New Rule (in Magento 2 this will be found under Marketing > Cart Price Rules).
  2. Give the rule a Name, Description, Status, and assign to relevant Customer Groups. You can also assign a Coupon, a From and To Date and a priority to the rule if relevant (all optional).


3. List the conditions of your Free Shipping promotional rule in the Conditions tab.

4. In the Actions tab, set up your promotion as per below.


Note: An optional setting here is to set Stop Further Rules Processing to Yes, which will mean this rule will not work in conjunction with any other shopping cart price rule of a lower priority (if the other rule has a higher priority and is configured with Stop Further Rules Processing set to Yes then this new rule may not be applied).


5. Enter any relevant labels in the Labels tab which you would like to appear at the shopping cart level when the rule is applied. If you are happy with the rest of the rule configuration click Save.

6. Navigate to System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods, and then into the Free Shipping tab. The Free Shipping option needs to be set to Active in order for the Free Shipping promotional rule to work (as this is the option that gets triggered). If this was previously set to Inactive you may only want Free Shipping to be triggered when conditions of the promotional rule are met, set the Minimum Order value to something very high (e.g £200,000). 

7. Once done click Save Config. Refresh your indexes and clear all cache. 

8. Navigate to the front end and test out your new Free Shipping promotion!

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