Zero-1 - Material Prices Import / Export Module

Exporting Material Prices

The functionality of the module can be found by navigating to System > Import and Export Material Prices. 

To export current material_prices.csv loaded against admin (all material prices are Global), use the Export Material Prices button to download file.


Importing Material Prices

Any new materials (and respective prices) can be created by adding them to the csv. Once imported via CSV the material will be assignable to products (material attribute should never have to be amended).

Headers on the csv will be:

It is always recommended that you first run an export, as any additional imports will override any Materials and Prices which are currently loaded (will replace, not append).

Headers on the csv will be:

Material, Weight From, Weight To, Price Per Unit

You can create as many Weight ranges and Price Per Unit per Material as you would like.

One import is complete, upload file via Import Material Prices (using the Choose File button), and then click Import Material Prices.

If a materials Weight / Prices are being added for the first time, once import has ran, it should now be available for assignment at the product level.


Calculating Prices on the Frontend

The new product price is calculated based on the selected PPU (Price Per Unit) multiplied by the Weight. If you add products to the cart that match the "Material" and fall within the weight from/to then the products price is changed to Weight * Price Per Unit and the customer is informed of this on the cart.

It should also combine products made of the same material when calculating the Price Per Unit for each product in the cart.

As the Products configured price (via the Manage Products grid in Magento is ignored, the products price (as displayed on the product page), should reflect the default weight multiplied by the highest (Default) PPU.

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