Google Taxonomy

This is a private ZERO-1 extension for our customers and allows the binding of your Magento store categories to appropriate Google Taxonomies for better management of the google_product_category field in Merchant Centre Feeds.

Once the module has been installed by ZERO-1 you will see a Google Taxonomy tab within your Categories screen in Magento. See below figure for reference.


The Google Taxonomy is quite extensive and many customers feel it wise to review the file and prune it down to categories which are appropriate only to their business. You can therefore load the above file and supply ZERO-1 with a revised version and we will load this into your Magento Store. The example above has been revised.


All you need to do is open up your Magento category tree then with the store category selected (and loaded) select the appropriate Google Category on the right, then save the category. 

Once you have linked all appropriate categories you can simply inform ZERO-1 and we will ensure other customisations (Eg Google Merchant Feed Generator) use this feature. 


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