Product Set up - Simple Products

Navigate to PRODUCT > CATALOG in the left nav and a list of your products will be displayed (this may be none if you are right at the start of this process)

In the top right hand corner, you will see a large orange button that says Add product with a small arrow next to it.

Click the small arrow and a list of different product types will be displayed. For the purposes of this Wiki we will be creating a simple product, so select Simple Product.

The required fields have a small red asterisk (*) next to it but for reference, required fields are:

Product Name

  • SKU
  • Price
  • Category (add to as many categories as you want)

I would also recommend the following fields be completed:

  • Images/Videos (and within there Alt information)
  • Quantity (unless stock is managed elsewhere)
  • Description (make sure this is unique content)

Search Engine Optimisation tab:

  • URL Key (relevant and separated with hyphens)
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords are still used but not something google focuses on anymore

You also need to check in the website tab that the product is ticked to appear on the website.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Pricing - this is where special prices are used for promotional discounts

Advanced Inventory - this is where stock is managed (if required)

Custom Options - Can be used for text for engraving etc

Related products - purchases made in addition to the item the customer is viewing - appears on product page

Up-Sells - Options the customer might prefer instead (may be better quality, higher profit margin etc)

Cross Sells - Impulse purchases, on the cart page.

Design - can be used for a custom design for a limited period of time eg promo's

Auto Settings - Check here for product visibility eg, simples within a configurable should be set to Not Visible Individually.


Once you have completed as many fields as possible, click the little arrow next to the orange SAVE button in the top right and press Save and Close and this product is then complete.


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