Demonstrating Product Expertise

eCommerce is growing. Week by week, month by month, year by year, more and more companies are building online stores.

As the online marketplace becomes more crowded with more and more vendors selling online, how do you make your store stand out? 

The answers are multiple of course, but one thing that you can do with ease is to showcase your expert knowledge.

Don't Rest on Your Laurels

Techniques that worked well 10, 5, or even 2 years ago such as uploading a manufacturers list of products, doesn't mean that will still work well today.

Search Engines are getting smarter

Search Engines are constantly improving, they can recognise patterns in your content. If your content is exactly the same as your competitors, that content may be given a lower rank.

Customers expect more

Customers are getting used to shopping online. They are over the wow factor of just being able to purchase online, it's the norm for most people. Now, they want clear information, value for money, security, loyalty points and more.


Poor merchandising will yield poor results.

One area where you can make your site stand out is to improve the quality of information that you present to your customers.

Fig 1: The example above shows the product description for a toilet. However, the merchandising doesn't sell the product.  It takes the approach that the customer can see the product, therefore, they know what it is already.

So what's this product description missing?

  1. Strong secondary title, using relevant keywords
  2. A detailed description of the product.
  3. Materials (What is it made from)
  4. List of included items, eg: cistern, flush mechanism, handle, seat etc
  5. Dimensions
  6. Pan style

By adding this sort of information, you are providing the cutomer with more relvevant information. This will help them to make a purchasing decision.

Fig 2:

product descriptions  

Also, see Product Images

Product Video

Product Video can provide a real win too. Studies show that customers prefer video to text. Conversion rates have been reported with a 50-180% increase. So, if you can create short product review videos that highlight the key selling points of the product, then you should see your conversion rates improve.

Why use product video?

  1. Engages users, as your information reassures them
  2. Cuts down on reading time
  3. Allows you to humanise your brand
  4. Allows demonstration

A great example of a site that use product video is AO

AO Product Video

*This doesn't need to be vastly expensive either.  Riverside Garden Centre do their own product video. It's less polished than videos from larger brands but gives a good and authentic approach to the practical use of products. 

Riverside Garden Centre Product Video

Slide Decks or PDFs

Another great way to demonstrate your product knowledge is to create a slide deck, detailing key selling points of a product or product range. Every slide deck or PDF that you create, can be embedded in your page. This content will help people also other users will download or embed your knowledge, this creates links back to your website.

Speak to the Zero-1 team for more information and find out about how our team can support you with product merchandising.

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