Effective Product Titles

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the best approach for product naming, some of which include:

Points to Consider when Naming Products

  1. Write for Humans
  2. Keyword Usage - for organic search customers
  3. Character restrictions
  4. Consistency for naming conventions
  5. Be relevant and concise
  6. Originality

Writing for Humans

Customers search in plain English, so you should try to write your product names to match what they search for. Do not use Industry terms, use obvious terms.


See how John Lewis name their products.

John Lewis's product Names are simple and relevant

Keyword Usage

You should try to use relevant keywords in the title of your products. Look at what terms past purchasers have used to point you in the right direction.

Character Restrictions

Some platforms such as eBay or Amazon have a character limit for product titles. so Keep it to the point. Extra info such as size, colour etc may not be needed.

*Platforms like Google Shopping, offer limited display space for product names. Long titles will be truncated.

Examples where consise titles could improve listings



It's best to decide on a naming convention and then apply that technique across the whole site. There may be the odd exception, this is ok, but having a fixed rule will bring consistency to your inventory.


Calvin Klein T-Shirt White


WHITE Calvin Klein Eygyptian Cotton T-Shirt with stars and stripes motif LARGE

Relevant Keywords

Don't try to stuff keywords into product names, this method is and outdated. Just be Concise and relevant. 


The worst mistake any retailer can make is using product merchandise information (titles and descriptions) as supplied by the manufacturer or distributor. 

Very often the manufacturer titles only make sense to them and the merchant.

Last Product title recommendations:

  • Consider what a shopping might search for on a search engine AND on your site, both should influence your choice of wording. 
  • Don't put MPNs or product codes in the title - these water down keyword density and should be elsewhere on the page.
  • Use the Ronseal Approach


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