Using the 'Duplicate' product feature and things to be aware of


Using the Duplicate Products feature in Magento can help cut out repetitive tasks when creating similar or nearly identical products. It is a great feature to take advantage of when you have several products with the same attributes and 


How to Duplicate Products in Magento

1. In Magento admin, navigate to Catalog > Manage Products.

2. Click into a product which you would like to duplicate. Once the product has loaded, click + Duplicate.

3. Once you see the following text: 'The product has been duplicated', you then know that the current product form being displayed to you is the newly created / duplicated product (a quick check here is that the SKU* field should be empty).

4. Enter a new unique SKU for the new product, along with any other fields which require unique values to be entered (e.g. URL). An attribute can be configured to accept only unique values, so the inclusion list of which attributes require unique values entered per product will vary.

5. Once you are happy with all entered product data for your new product, click Save.

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