Running Reports in Magento

Running reports can help you identify patterns, develop strategies and highlight issues which may exist within your store. 

1. In your Magento admin, navigate to Reports, and then choose amongst the following subcategories:

  • Sales
  • Shopping Cart
  • Invitations
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Reviews
  • Search Results

2. Once you select an individual report which you would like to run, you should then see a message which indicates the last time the report statistics were refreshed (and by, effect how current the data will be). If a refresh is required, click the link to refresh the statistics to reflect the current data.

3. Once satisfied with the report criteria, click Show Report to generate. 

4. Once report is generated, you then have the option to export to CSV or Excel XML using the Export button on the top right of the report grid. 

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