How to Bulk Update Attributes

Bulk updating attributes is the ability to update the attribute values of mutliple products at once from the Manage Products screen. 


How to Bulk Update Attributes

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Manage Products.
  2. On the Manage Products screen, search for and select (using the tickboxes to the left) all the products that you would like to update the attributes for. 
  3. Once all products are ticked, navigate to the Actions dropdown and select Update Attributes and then click the Submit button.
  4. On the Update attributes screen, find the attribute (from the many tabs on the left) that you would like to update for all the previously selected products (see below).


5.  Once attribute has been located, enter the attribute value that you would like to amend the products attribute to and ensure the Change tickbox is ticked. You can update as many attributes as you would like at once.

6. Once happy with attribute options configured to be amended, click the Save button.

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