How to Configure Magentos Shipping Table Rates

The Magento Table Rates shipping method offers the functionality to import a shipping rates table (in csv format). Your Table Rates csv can be constructed using the following condition combinations:

    • Weight vs. Destination
    • Price vs. Destination
    • # of Items vs. Destination

Note: Only one of the combinations can be used at any one time. If you find that your stores shipping scenario is a bit more complex then Table Rates will allow for you can get additional information on extending this functionality here.


How to Configure Default Settings

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration > Shipping Methods, and expand the Table Rates tab.
  2. In the Table Rates tab, complete the following fields:
    • Enabled: To Enable set to Yes
    • Title: Enter a descriptive title that will appear at checkout.
    • Method Name: Enter a descriptive title that will appear next to the rate at checkout.
    • Condition: Options here are Weight vs. Destinations, Price vs. Destination or # of Items vs. Destination (see below for examples of each).
    • Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation: Set this option to Yes if you would like the Table Rates to apply to virtual products (which are typically not physical goods).
    • Calculate Handling Fee: Options here are either Fixed or Percent.
    • Handling Fee:Enter handling fee (if one), keeping in mind how the previous field has been set.
    • Displayed Error Message: If no shipping rates are available for the order, enter the text that you would like to see displayed the customer.
    • Ship to Applicable Countries: Options here are to All Allowed Countries or Specific Countries (if specific countries, multi-select all applicable)
    • Sort Order: Enter the position of where you would like the table rates to be displayed amongst all the other available rates.

3. Once happy, click Save Config.


Weight vs. Destination


See below for an example of how this is configured.


Price vs. Destination


See below for an example of how this is configured.


# of Items vs. Destinations


See below for an example of how this is configured.


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