Sagepay Orphan Transactions

Sagepay Orphan Transactions are Sagepay orders / transactions which were started by the customer, but not completed. The existence of orphan transactions does not necessarily mean that there was are issues with their ability to pay, but only that transactions were started (and then saved in a Magento table) and since abandoned. Once a transaction (or "child") is recorded, and an order (or "parent") is not subsequently created, it is then considered to be an orphan transaction.


Reasons orphan transactions can be created (some of the most common statuses and error details)

- ABORT / 2008 The Transaction timed-out: Transaction CANCELLED by Sage Pay after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is normally because the customer closed their browser.

-  ABORT / 2013 : The Transaction was cancelled by the customer.

- MAGE_ERROR / Rejected : The transaction was failed by your 3D-Secure or AVS/CV2 rule-bases. The number of authorisation attempts exceeds the limit. 

-  MAGE_ERROR / Declined : The transaction was not authorised by the bank. The authorisation was declined by the bank.

As you can see from the above short list (and there are many others), the majority of these errors will typically be a result of customer error. While this is typically the case with the errors listed, they can also be symptomatic of errors on the website (e.g. if there a surge of time-out errors being report, it could translate into pages not loading or slow speed etc).

One orphan transaction that is worth paying attention to is one that includes 'SUCCESS' in the 'Error Detail' field, as this means that the Sagepay transaction was successfully taken and that a corresponding order has not been created in the system (transaction is orphaned). While this may have been a one off, we do recommend you raise a ticket with us if you have noticed multiple instances of this. 


How to view orphaned transactions

  1. Navigate to Sales > Sagepay > Orphan Transactions.
  2. On the Orphan Transactions screen you can then use the filters to customise the grid as required.


Another great article on the topic of SagePay Orphan Transactions from the developers of the Sagepay (which goes into a bit more depth), see below:

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