How to set up Gift Card Products and Accounts

Gift cards can be a great flexible way to keep customers loyal to your brand. It not only helps ensure that the money they spend stays within your store, but can also help attract new customers. Along with store credit, they can also be a great tool to help with customer returns / refunds

In Magento there are three types of gift cards that you can configure to offer your customers:

  • Virtual (send as emails - only email address required)
  • Physical Gift Cards (posted to recipient - shipping address required)
  • Combined Gift Cards (combination of the two - both email and shipping address are required)

Regardless of the type offered or purchased by the customer, all will be redeemable when their unique code is entered at checkout (code pool must be created prior to gift cards being sold).


How to create a Gift Card Product

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Manage Products and click the +Add Product button.
  2. Select the appropriate Attribute set for the product, and select the product type as Gift Card, and click Continue.
  3. Define all the product information as required and then click into the Prices tab. To add predefined gift card amounts, click the Add Amount button and add a preset gift card amount in the Amount field.
  4. In the Allow Open Amount to one of the following:
    • No - Setting this to 'No' will require customers to select a predefined gift card amount.
    • Yes - Setting this to Yes will allow customers to enter their own gift card amounts. If choosing this option an Open Amount Min Value and Open Amount Max Value will have to be specified.

5. Click into the Gift Card Information tab, and set the Card Type to one of the following

    • Virtual
    • Physical
    • Combination

6. Specify whether the value of the gift card Is Redeemable. If so, the amount can be transferred to store credit upon creation.

7. Set the Lifetime (days) to define the number of days before gift card expiry, or leave field blank for no expiration.

8. Set the Allow Gift Message to either Yes or No for customers to be able to include a gift message to the recipient (if gifted), and set an Email Template and when happy with all the settings, click Save


How to create a Gift Card Account

  1. Once you have created your gift card product, navigate to Customers > Gift Card Account, and click +Add Gift Card Account.
  2. In the Information tab, complete the following fields:
    • Active: Set to Yes or No
    • Redeemable: Set to Yes or No
    • Website: Define the website of where the card can be used
    • Balance: Enter the starting balance of the gift card amount
    • Expiration Date: Enter the expiration date of the card.

3. In the Send Gift Card tab, complete the following fields:

    • Recipient Email: Enter the email address to which email notifications will be sent.
    • Recipient Name: Enter the recipients name.
    • Send Email from the Following Store View: Define the storeview.

4. Once the Send Gift Card tab is complete, you then have the option to click Save (to save only) or to click Save & Send Email to save and send to the email recipient. 


To establish the Gift Card Code Pool

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration, and click into Gift Cards (under Sales).
  2. Expand the Gift Card Account General Settings section complete the code format fields as per your preference. When complete, click the Generate button to create a new code pool.

Note: Magento code pools are generated in increments of 1,000, but cannot be generated if unused codes still exist. It is still however the responsibility of the merchant to ensure that enough codes exist when distributing new gift cards.


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