Adding Rule Based Product Relations

Product relationship rules are an Enterprise only feature that allows you to dynamically present customers with a targeted selection of products. Rules can be set up for related products, up-sells and cross-sells, and be associated with a customer segment to produce a dynamic display of targeting merchandising (more on customer segments here). 

Much like catalog or shopping cart price rules, product relation rules are defined using a set of conditions, so that only products matching the conditions are then displayed - allowing for more targeted marketing.

It is also possible to have multiple rules active at once, which can then be organised using priorities which then determines the order in which the block of products appear on the page.

How to create a product relationship rule

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Rule-Based Product Relations, and in the right hand corner, click the + Add Rule button.
  2. In the General Information tab, complete the following fields:
  • Rule Name: Give the rule a description name
  • Priority: In the instance multiple rules exist, give the rule a priority which will dictate the order in which the matching products of the rule will be displayed.
  • Status: Set to Active or Inactive
  • Apply To: Select the type of product association (Related Products, Cross-sells or Up-sells).
  • From Date / To Date: Set the date parameters that you want the rule to be active for.
  • Result Limit: Enter a numerical value that will represent the Maximum number of products that can be matched by rule (capped at 20).
  • Customer Segment: Restrict the rule to a specific customer segment, or select All.

3. In the Products to Match tab, enter the conditions that you want this rule to be applied to (the product to match is essentially the main product listing page that the related products, cross sells or upsells will appear on).

4. In the Products to Display tab, enter the conditions that you want to then dynamically display as related products, cross sells or upsells (depending on earlier selection) on the product that is matched on the Product to Match tab.

5. Once happy, click Save.


Example 1 - Setting up a product relations rule for related to display that are from the same category and of a similar price point.





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