How to make the best use of the Smart Category's feature in Visual Merchandiser


Within a categories Visual Merchandiser tab is a feature called Smart Categories. Smart Category rules dynamically change the product selection according to a set of conditions. They can be quite a powerful and time saving tool as it allows for the dynamic assignment of products to categories based on Attribute values (brands, manufacturer, price etc). 

Each category can have one smart category rule, but a single rule can have many options. 

To Create a Smart Category Rule

  1. In the category, navigate to the Visual Merchandiser tab and click the Add Attribute button (under the Smart Category section).
  2. From the Attribute dropdown, select the require attribute (e.g. Brand)
  3. Enter the Value that the product will need to match within that attribute (e.g. 'Zero-1).
  4. If you are entering more than one attribute condition you will need to choose the Logic as either OR or AND, depending on how you want the two conditions to interact.
  5. To limit the product selection to ONLY those that meet the conditions of the rule, set the Only include products matched by rules option to "Yes". This is a particularly handy tool in the instance that you are cloning categories, and want to make amendments to the original that you dont want reflected in the clone (more on cloning categories here).
  6. Once happy, click Save Category.


Rebuilding Smart Categories

Whenever attribute values of products change, the smart rules that are dynamically configured in categories need to be refreshed to reflect the current assignment. In Enterprise, categories are scheduled to be rebuilt on an ongoing basis. Changes are queued and categories rebuilt according to the cron schedule. The Rebuild Visual Merchandiser Categories button in Cache Management can be used at any time (should be used sparingly or only when necessary - as it can have a negative affect on site performance).

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