Automated Email Reminder Rules (Abandoned Cart Emails)


Automated Email Reminder Rules (Abandoned Cart Emails)

Automated reminder email rules give you the ability to send email reminders to customers when a specific set of conditions is met. For example, you might send email reminders to customers who have added something to their shopping cart or wishlist, but have not yet made a purchase.

Email reminders can be triggered after a certain number of days have passed since a cart was abandoned, or for any other condition you want to define, such as total cart value, quantity, items in cart, and so on.

You can use email reminders to encourage customers to return to your store, and include a coupon code as an incentive. Coupon codes can be automatically generated for each batch of email reminders, which gives you control over the offers that are associated with each batch.

Email reminder rules can be configured to be sent at regular intervals by the minute, hour, or day.

How to Set up an Email Reminder Rule (Abandoned Cart Email)

1. In Magento admin, navigate to Promotions > Automated Email Reminder Rules and Click '+Add New Rule'.

2. Complete the General Information, and then navigate to the Conditions tab. 

3. Click the +Add button to display the list of options. Then, choose one of the following conditions to apply:

  • Wishlist
  • Shopping Cart

4. Complete the conditions to describe the scenario that triggers the reminder email.

5. In the panel on the left, select Emails and Labels. then, do the following:

  • Assign an email template to each store to which you have access. Then, select the email reminder template to use for each
  • Enter the Rule Title to be used as a default for all stores. 
  • Enter the Rule Description, which is the default for all stores. The value can be incorporated into email templates by using the promotion_description variable.

6. When complete, click Save.


How to Create a Template for Email Reminders

The default email reminder template can be customized, and additional templates created.

1. Navigate to System > Transactional Emails

2. Click the Add New Template button.

3. Using the dropdown, select the 'Rule Reminder' default email template and then click the Load Template button.

4. Assign a new Template Name, and use the following variables to customise the template (specific to email reminder emails)

  • promotion_name

  • promotion_description

  • coupon.getCode()

  • coupon.getUsageLimit()

  • coupon.getUsagePerCustomer()

5. When complete, click the Save Template button.


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