How to configure Paypal Sandbox Account details

Every Paypal merchant account offers the ability to have a corresponding Paypal Sandbox account for the purposes of end-to-end testing. The Paypal Sandbox account is a self-contained testing environment that replicates the live scenario processes without having test accounts or orders polluting your live account.

How to obtain Paypal Sandbox Test Account Details

  1. Navigate to and login using your Paypal live account details.
  2. Once logged in, on the PayPal Developer account, click Dashboard at the top of the screen. 
  3. On the left hand side of the Dashboard, you then want to click into Sandbox > Accounts. On the Sandbox Test Accounts page you should then see at least 1 BUSINESS and 1 PERSONAL account (these are created by default, but you can create additional ones of each sort if required).

Note: The BUSINESS account is a the test merchant account, and the BUYER account is the test buyer account.

  1. Click the small arrow beside the email address of either of the accounts, and then click 'Profile' to view the relevant details currently configured to each of the accounts. 
  2. You will need the following information from the BUSINESS account to configure the Sandbox account in Magento:
    • Email ID
    • API Username
    • API Password
    • API Signature

6. You will need the following information from the BUYER account to place an test order using the Sandbox account in Magento

    • Email ID
    • Password (this can be updated using the Change password button).

7. In your Magento admin, navigate to System > Configuration > Payment Methods, and click into the Paypal payment type you are using (or planning to use).

8. Complete the following fields:

    • Email Associated with PayPal Merchant Account - This is the Email ID of the Sandbox BUSINESS account
    • API Authentication Methods - Set this to API Signature
    • API Username  - This is found in the Sandbox BUSINESS account
    • API Password - This is found in the Sandbox BUSINESS account
    • API Signature - This is found in the Sandbox BUSINESS account
    • Sandbox Mode - Set this to Yes
    • API using Proxy - Set this to No
    • Enable this Solution  Set this to Yes

9.  Click Save Config.

At this stage (a reindex and a flush of cache may be required), but you should now be ready to test the frontend of this using the Sandbox BUYER account details.


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