Order States and Statuses


Order states and statuses can cause some confusion to merchants (some order statuses and states have the same label - but it is important to understand the difference). Hopefully this article should help clear up any lingering confusion or questions on the topic.


Order State - An order state in Magento describes the position of an order in the order processing workflow. It is also not possible to add or amend the order states in Magento. While it is possible for more than one status to be assigned to a single state, the vise versa (one status to be assigned to multiple states)

  • New
  • Processing
  • Complete
  • Holded
  • Complete
  • Closed
  • Canceled

Order Statuses - Order statuses are essentially labels which help clarify the process of the order, and make order processing easier. Order statuses can be added, deleted and amended to suit the needs of any order management system, but order states cannot.  The order statuses that are created by Magento by default are:

  • Processing
  • Pending Payment
  • Suspected Payment
  • Payment Review
  • Pending
  • On Hold
  • Complete
  • Closed
  • Canceled
  • Pending PayPal

Put simply, when orders are processed in Magento, the status of each order changes accordingly to its current state in the order processing workflow. As orders are reviewed and processed via the order management screen, it is the status that is assigned to the order.

The current order state / status configuration can be reviewed and amended by navigating to System > Order Statuses.


Creating and Assigning a New Order Status

  1. Navigate to System > Order Statuses, and click +Create New Status.
  2. Give the new status a Status Code (lowercase, no spaces) and a Status Label, and once happy click Save. 
  3. Back on the Order Statuses screen, then click +Assign Status to State.
  4. Select your status from the Order Status dropdown, and assign it an order state from the Order State dropdown.
  5. If you have multiple order statuses assigned the same order state, you can use the 'Use Order Status as Default' for your new order status to be the default status when that order state is reached.
  6. Once happy, click 'Save Status Assignment'


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