How to Create a Bundle Product

1) Navigate to Catalog > Manage Products, and then click '+Add Product'.

2) Select the appropriate Attribute Set, and set the Product Type to Bundle.

3) When configuring your bundle product, you may notice that for the SKU and Weight field you have the option of either a Fixed or Dynamic value. A fixed value in this case is a static value which you can enter (this will remain the same regardless of the simples that are added or removed from the bundle). Dynamic in this case will mean that the values will be inherited from the simple products (e.g. Weight will be a consolidated value from the simples, and the SKU will be an amalgamation of the simples/children SKUs belonging to the bundle).

4) Once you are happy that all the product information has been populated , click Save and Continue Edit button


How to Add Bundle Items


1) Navigate to the Bundle Items tab within the bundle product and click Add New Option.

2) In the Default Title box, enter a label for the bundle item (e.g. 'Components', 'Product includes'), as you want it to appear on the Product page. Then set the following:

  • Input Type (drop-down, radio buttons, checkbox or multiple select)
  • Is Required (set as needed)

3) Click the Add Selection button, and search for the simple products that you want to add to your bundle. Once found, select the checkbox of each to include, set the Qty to Add as appropriate, and click Add Selected Product(s) to Option button.

4) Once items are added to the bundle, you can set the User Defined Qty (Yes or No depending on whether you want customers to be able to change the default quantity for each of the items). 

5) If you want additional items within the bundle, you can repeat the steps above to add an additional option.

6) One last field to be aware of, is the Ship Bundle Items (within the Shipping tab of the bundle). You will need to nominate here whether you want the simples to be shipped Together or Separately.


*In the example of wanting to create a bundle with 1 Basin and 1 Cabinet (where the user cannot define the quantity), you will want to set up 2 bundle options here (1 for each). The Default Title for each of the option should be reflective of the product type contained in each (e.g. Basin / Cabinet) and each relevant simple should be added under each of the options.


Once happy click Save.


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