Magento Catalog Price Rules

Catalog price rules allow for automated catalog price changes and promotions, which can then be controlled by a set of conditions. It is inarguably a very powerful price management tool in Magento. The attributes available to be used for conditions (and combinations of) are virtually endless (any and all attributes can be used in promotions rules - see steps below).


How to Configure a Catalog Price Rule

  1. Navigate to Promotions > Catalog Price Rules, and click +Add New Rule
  2. Complete the following information on the Rule Information tab:
  • Rule Name - Give the rule a descriptive name, which will be used for internal purposes only (e.g. '10% off spring sale')
  • Description - Give additional information about the rule which may help create further distinction on the nature of the promotion (for internal purposes only)
  • Status - Set to Active or Inactive.
  • Websites - Select or multi-select the websites you would like the promotion to be applicable to.
  • Customer Groups - Select or multi-select the customer groups that you would like the promotion to be applicable to.
  • From Date to To Date - Set a From and To date that you would like the rule to be in effect. In the From Date field, enter the first day you want the promotion to begin and in the To Date field, enter the last day you want the rule to be in effect on.
  • Priority - Set a priority for the rule. In the instance that there are more than one rule that can be applied to a product, the priority will dictate what order the rules are applied (1 being the highest, or 1st priority).

3. Once complete, navigate to the Conditions tab. Define the parameters of where you want the promotion to apply to (many attributes are available by default, however if you see an attribute not available to be used for a condition, see steps below on how to configure it to be).

  • Make full use of the ALL ANY and TRUE & FALSE to make the rule as inclusive of products as you would like.
  • The available 'operators' are: is, is not, equals or greater than, equals or less than, greater than, less than, is one of, is not one of, contains & does not contain. Using the operators effectively will allow you to create both flexible and specific price rules.

4. Once complete, navigate to the Actions tab. The Actions tab is where you define how the promotion will change the price of the matching products when applied.

5. Set the following fields:

  • Apply - Choose between the following apply types: By Percentage of the Original Price, By Fixed Amount, To Percentage of the Original Price, & To Fixed Amount.
  • Discount Amount - Enter the amount to be discounted.
  • Enable Discounts to Subproducts - Options here are either Yes or No. Subproducts are defined as child products of configurable products (grouped products also have children, but their price calculation is not affected by this option). Also worth noting, that the price of the simple will then be calculated from the price entered in the configurables 'Associated Products' tab (not the simples price field). See below:

  • Stop Further Rules Processing - In the instance that multiple price rules are being applied at once for the same products, setting this option to Yes will prevent further rules from applying to the products (so the products aren't being double discounted). Keep in mind it is the priority field that will determine in what order they are being applied.

Enterprise Edition Only

6. In the Related Banners tab, assign any promotional banners which you would like to link to the rule. This is a great promotional tool, as linking a banner to a price rule can be used to display an imagine or block of content, and appear for a specific period of time for a promotion. In Enterprise, banners can be created that are visible only to certain customer groups, or only seen whenever price rule conditions and coupons apply.

7. Once happy, click Save (to save only) or Save and Apply Rule (to save and put rule into affect).


Configuring an Attribute to be used in a Promotion

  1. Search for and click into the required attribute via the Manage Attributes screen (under Catalog)
  2. Under the Frontend Properties tab, set the 'Use in Promo Rule Conditions' to Yes.
  3. Once set to Yes, click Save Attribute.



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