How to Create and Manage Layered Navigation / Filters


To Create a New Filterable Attribute


To create a filterable attribute, navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes, and click +Add New Attribute

In order for an Attribute to become filterable, the following option within the attribute need to be set:

    • Catalog Input Type for Store Owner -  This will need to be set to either ‘Dropdown’, ‘Multiple Select’ or ‘Price’
    • Use in Layered Navigation - This will need to be set to either ‘Filterable (with results)’ or ‘Filterable (no results)’. *The difference between these 2 options, are that Filterable (with results) will only display filters for which there are products assigned, whereas Filterable (no results) will display all Attribute options as filters regardless of whether there are product available in each.
    • Use in Search Results Layered Navigation  - If set to ‘Yes’, layered navigational filters will also appear whenever a search is done (if filters are available, or if products are returned in search)

Note: Some of these other options can improve the ability for the customer to search but aren’t specifically required to make an attribute filterable.

3. Assign the Attribute to the relevant Attribute set, and then populate the product with relevant Attribute Option (e.g. red).


How to get Layered Navigation / Filters to appear within a Category


Once you have products within your category and those products have filterable attributes assigned, if you are still not seeing your filters within the category on the frontend you may need to check that the category has been anchored to display the filters (inheriting filters from subcategories where the products are assigned).

Are there products in the category? This may seem like a no-brainer, but if a category exists only for the sake of further directing the customer to a more specific subcategory it may not contain any products. If it does not contain products, then you need to make sure that it inherits the properties (or filters) of the products within its sub categories. To do this: Set the category as a Anchor Category. This option is within the ‘Display Settings Tab’ > ‘Is Anchor’ : Yes.

The newly anchored category will now inherit all the filters of products that belong to its subcategories.


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