How to Set up Customer Segments

Customer Segments in Magento allow you to dynamically display content and promotions to specific customers, based on properties such as customer address, order history, shopping cart contents, and so on. You can optimise marketing initiatives based on targeted segments by using shopping cart price rules and banners.

As customer segment information is dynamic and is constantly refreshed, customers can become associated and disassociated from a segment as they shop.

The below attributes are available for customer segmenting:

Customer Address (and any fields contained there within)

Customer (Misc customer information, customer group, name, email, newsletter subscription status, store credit balance etc)

Shopping Cart (shopping cart properties based on quantity (line items or total) or value (grand total, tax, gift cards, etc) of the carts contents.

Products (of which are currently in the shopping cart or wishlist or have been previously viewed or ordered). These are defined using product attributes.

Sales (order characteristics for past orders can be defined based on the billing / shipping address in the order, the total or average amount or quantity of the orders, or the total number of orders. You can set a date range for when this occurred, and the order status of the orders that match these conditions. Available only for customer who are logged in. Conditions that are set for shoppers who are not logged in stop working when they log in


How to Create a Customer Segment

1. In Magento Admin, navigate to Customers > Customer Segments

2. Click Add Segment 

3. Complete the General Properties, and when complete click the Save and Continue Edit button.

4. In the Conditions tab, define the rules for the segment using the various options in the dropdown and when complete click the Save and Continue Edit button.


How to Generate the List of Matched Customers

1. In the panel on the left, select Matched Customers to generate a list of customers who match the condition and when complete, click Save.

The customer segment can now be used for targeting promotions, content and mailings.



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