How to add Configurable Products (with options/variations)


Creating a new Super Attribute

In order for an attribute to be used to create configurable products (e.g. Shoe Size or Color), you first need to configure the attribute to be a 'super attribute' (this just means it can then be used to link simples as options/variations to the configurable).

1) To create your super attribute, navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Manager Attributes, and search for your attribute (or create your attribute here).

2) The attribute will need to have both a Scope of 'Global' and the Catalog Input Type for Store Owner set to 'Dropdown'. Once these 2 fields are set as such, a new field will appear at the bottom of 'Attributes Properties' section ('Use To Create Configurable Products').

*It is worth mentioning that once a 'Catalog Input Type for Store Owner' has been set against the attribute, it is not editable.

3) Ensure 'Use To Create Configurable Products' is set to Yes and Save.

4) The super attribute will then need to be assigned to the relevant Attribute Set for it to appear as a Super Attribute option when creating a new configurable of the same Attribute Set.

*To assign an attribute to an attribute set, navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attribute Sets. On the Manage Attributes screen, search for the Attribute Set that you want to update, or add your attribute to and click into it. From within the Attribute Set, you should then see 2 sections: 'Groups' & 'Unassigned Attributes'. All that you need to do, is drag and drop your unassigned attribute into the Groups section where you would like the attribute to appear within the product in admin. Once you are happy with the attribute assignment and placement, click Save Attribute Set.


Create the Configurable Product

1) Navigate to Catalog > Manager Products and click the +Add Product button

2) In the Create Products settings section, select the Attribute Set and the product type as Configurable Product and click Continue.

3) In the 'Select Configurable Attributes' section, tick the checkbox of each of the attributes that you want to include as an option/ variation of the product. Once all ticked, click Continue.

4) Complete all the required product information, paying close attention to Price and Inventory settings

  • Price for configurable products is set as a default price, however the price of each individual associated product can be adjusted accordingly
  • Inventory for configurable products, the 'Manage Stock' is set to 'No' by default as all inventory is managed for each of the associated products

5) Once you are happy with all product information, click Save and Continue


Add the Associated Products

There are actually 3 methods to add the simples / associated products to a configurable:

  • Method 1: Quick Simple Product Creation
  • Method 2: Create Simple Associated Product 
  • Method 3: Copy from Configurable

Method 1: Quick Simple Product Create

1) In the Quick Simple Product Creation section, make sure that the Autogenerate checkbox is selected for both Name and SKU. This optional setting adds the name and SKU from each associated product to those of the configurable product. Then complete the following fields:

  • Weight, Status and Visibility

2) To complete the fields in the drop-down loads:

  • Select the value you need from each list to create the first product
  • Enter the Qty, and set Stock Availability to "In Stock"

3) Click the Quick Create button to create the associated/simple product. Repeat this step for each simple / associated product that is needed as a variation / option for the configurable.


Method 2: Create Simple Associated Product

1) From the configurable products 'associated products' tab, click '+ Create Empty'.

2) In the newly generated popup window, complete all the product information for the simple / associated product and click Save (saving the simple will automatically associate it with the configurable).


Method 3: Copy from Configurable

1) Underneath the Create Simple Associated Product tab, you should see a '+Copy from Configurable' option. Click this.

2) Clicking this will open a product information form that contains the values already entered for the configurable product. The only fields that need to be completed are the Name, SKU and value for each of the drop-down list. Once happy with the product click Save.


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