Creating links to products

If you have ever carried out SEO or linking to products from categories or other misc pages in Magento, it can be frustrating if those links become broken due to changes or SEO on the destination product URL.

To get around this issue, when creating links to products follow these steps applicable when you are editing a CMS page or Static Blok

  1. Click 'Insert Widget...'
  2. Select 'Catalog Product Link' as the Widget Type
  3. Enter any required information into the Anchor fields
  4. Select the Template 'Product Link Inline Template'
  5. Click 'Select Product'
  6. Search for and select the desired product
  7. Click 'Insert Widget'
  8. Save your changes


Thats it. Please be aware you must ideally understand what this is doing in order to rectify any issues which you may inadvertently cause. It is always advised that until you feel confident, please take a copy of the source code of the page or block you are about to change and paste into NotePad or a similar application to easily revert back to this if an error is created. Seek assistance from ZERO-1 where appropriate.

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