PCA Predict - Address Validation (UK and International)

The PCA Predict Postcode Anywhere Magento extension allows you to reduce checkout time and reduce customer errors by offering address search and validation. When a customer begins typing their address, real up-to-date addresses will be suggested to the customer, allowing them to checkout quicker with fewer errors. 


PCA offers 'pay as you go credit' in various increments (£50, £100, £250, & £500) that can be topped up and used to fund your customer look-ups (the higher the credit tier you purchase, the lower the cost per individual look-up).

Depending on the customer base of your website (whether you ship internationally etc), you may want to offer International Address lookup (as opposed to just UK address lookup), so if that is the case you will need to ensure that option is added to your account.

See more below on pricing, as well as how to set up an account with PCA and get started (this is required in order to use the free of charge Magento extension):





For more information, or if you are interested in getting set up with the PCA Address Validation extension, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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